I believe that this is our moment as women to become more aware and responsible of our personal and collective transformation. Facing this moments of crisis, it is no use to blame the old patterns, the patriarchal society or our painful past, but to look for new a path, fresh ways of thinking and being.

mindfulness The urge to transform ourselves as woman is mostly an inner task. It may look like an outside job just because everything in our lives seems to fall apart: a break-up, a depression, a big period of confusion in our lives or the loss of an important job. But all these walls falling are blessings in disguise because they can be transformed into perfect moments of introspection and the need to get in touch with ourselves. And because a crisis is a pretext for regaining our energy, our trueauthentic voice so we can start to speak up for ourselves and stop relying on old patterns.

Since I have started my own inner journey, I have met many women (and not only women) that are searching for themselves, just because their old selves do not seem to ”be” quite enough. Women that choose different ways to challenge themselves, women that fight like courageous Goddesses (not like men) for a new world. And even when we do not know how this new world will look like. But what we really know deep inside ourselves is that the old world is really not suitable for us, that it constraints us rather that helping us to expand our consciousness.

In this new endeavor, which is definitely a collective one, a woman’s journey is something spectacular to watch and to be a part of.

So, if you are a woman on her own inner journey, I invite you to take part in this collective journey of transformation. Here, I will leave you with 3 of the qualities of awakened feminine consciousness.

Feminine consciousness offers us women a brand new space for expressing ourselves, a virgin mental process which is free from family’s and society’ s conditioning. Let’s see together what are the qualities of awakened feminine consciousness

1. Mindful attention – presence of spirit and mind

Feminine consciousness is truly dependent upon observing the body, the sensation and the emotions that rise from the body. After all, there is no emotion that one is able to feel outside the body, especially the negative ones, which most of the times make us feel really embarrassed. Unfortunately, we are taught by the rationalist society that emotions are not to be felt in public and that we should always smile at whatever cost. But the real truth is that negative emotions are here only to teach us that we should choose a new path for ourselves, mostly now when the patriarchal society is starting to collapse due to its rigidity.
When we start to pay attention to our bodies, we start to notice our emotions too. We may feel the pain in the muscles when we are doing yoga, but, at the end of the process of mindfulness and meditation we learn to overcome that pain. From psychical pain to emotional pain. All is natural. All can be overcome. Therefore, the attention and love that we offer to our body is transferred to our emotional body too.

2. Intuition – Entering the subtle body

After we learn to take care of our body and all its basic needs, we start to observe that we are more than our physical form. So, we do not need to worry so much about something is due to perish in time. In yoga and meditation, we discover that the connection with our respiration and our body offers an insight into our consciousness, that larger space from which all the love and intelligence is coming. The reward of discovering ourselves, our true Self, the divine Self, is that intuition and clarity of mind that help us come up with solutions for our life problems, compassion and patience in order to endure life’s challenges. For women, whose energy and vitality does not come from the mind (the rational part), but from our womb (our most powerful and potent energy center), calling out to our intuition can be the salvation of our precious energy. But before reaching out to higher levels of consciousness, we should take care of our perception, relationships, our limiting beliefs and our dysfunctional emotions. Through our process and discovery as authentic women, we will have the opportunity use our intuition more and more.

3. Sensuality – A woman door to sexuality and happy relationships

woman’s sensuality is more than expressing her sexuality and it is available to each and every woman as long as we learn to leave the mind and step into the body. First of all, a woman’s sensuality comes from her presence of spirit: she is able of being present and offering time and space to her man and also to others. A sensual woman has faith in herself because she knows her strengths and she is aware of her unique power of compassion and love. Who would not wanna be held in her large arms, listening to the whisper of her beating hearth? But she needs to learn first how to accomplish her needs, in order to be fully available and present for other human beings. Unfortunately, we are taught as women that we should provide love and care about others in the first place. This is so wrong for every human being because if do not know self-love and you do not have enough energy, you will offer only so little of your feminine potential and love.

P.S. Please share these words if you feel inspired. A woman’s inner journey is also a collective one!

And please stay tuned because our collective journey continues with part 2The feminine archetypes of Greek Goddess. Reclaiming the Light or Shadow of our femininity