(28th of June): Full Moon in Capricorn: Tarot Cards for each zodiac sign

This Full Moon, June 28th 2018, falls in the sign of Capricorn which is in opposition to the Sun in Cancer. Cancer (a water sign – governs our emotions and unconscious) and it is so different from his astrological Shadow, the Capricorn (earth sign – which means stability and social status). An opposition like this may stir up our energy but the contrast between what we long for in life and what we are actually thinking and doing may help us understand that the time for deep change and transformation has come.

This Full Moon in Capricorn on June 28th 2018 has the power to soften our earthy roots of thought and behavior and, most likely, it will like a stormy period for the people with a lot of Capricorn in their natal chart.

How do discover which ideas and behaviors will help you with the flow of life (water sign Cancer) and which ones need to be replaced immediately?

When we pay attention to our moods and our inner feelings, we can observe that the most intense emotions are to be felt in the area of life that we feel less uncomfortable. That is where we need to start the change. Let us not forget that both Cancer and Capricorn are cardinal signs in astrology, that is  the initiators of the zodiac. All this torment behind this Full Moon in Capricorn is meant to make a new way or a new path for us.

Capricorn govern our roots (education, limits, fears, family and social conditioning), what we believe defines us. Therefore, Capricorn’s energy makes it difficult for us to give up old habits, no matter how harmful they are.

Capricorn’s opinions of what others think is more important than his inner relationship because, again, Capricorn may define himself defined through the eyes of their loved ones. Nevertheless, a Capricorn’s mission in life is creating a solid structure but full of meaning. A Capricorn’s main goal is to achieve their goals and dreams. They are full of ambition and motivation. Underneath all that earthly strength, however, they may feel scared that they are not good enough to meet their own expectations.

That is the main reason why a Capricorn should always get in touch with his inner feeling and emotions. Capricorn is an introverted sign in astrology: before getting applause from outside or get the safe material things, they should always connect with their inner being and ask the questions: Is this meaningful for me?

That perfect moment of solitude teaches to love ourselves and to invest in our inner approval before taking the stage.

What is though the bright side of this ambitious Capricorns energy?

Self-discipline and patience to win every battle along the way for success. And this could be almost a recipe for success, if we take into account also our inner emotions and inner feelings (which are so comfortable for a sign like Cancer). Vice versa, the Cancer (ruled by the Moon: femininity, receptivity and emotions) has a lot to learn from an earthy Capricorn: structure, patience and dynamism of getting things done.

Especially for women, a healthy way to relate to masculinity and to build relationships is to study the relationship with their father and their relationship with authority or their role in society.

Why do I say that our relationship with the masculine is so important in a woman’s life?

Our father figure taught (even though is was absent) us how to treat femininity (thus with ourselves as women) in relation to men and other systems and structure, in job or career, where is necessary to use your inner masculine traits. Jung’s psychology says that the relationship we have with other male figures teaches us how to use our inner masculine energy (planning, assertiveness, direction and protection).

So, is masculinity cherished in our lives or do we over-used it when we acting like ”fe-MALES” and become masculinized?

I have small gift for this Full Moon in Capricorn: I drew a tarot card for of the 12 signs.

Note: The tarot cards belong to Monique Grande, her collection FEMINITUDINE.

* The tarot cards were drawn intuitively from the package for this Full Moon in Capricorn to guide us! I hope it will be useful!



Aries: Tarot Card „The Siren”– is connected to the water element, moon and women. Symbol of love in our hearts, the Siren teaches us to fertilize the earth we are walking on and become less judgmental and more compassionate.



Taurus: The Card „The Evil” –  this is a metaphor for the frustration. When we forget to respect our own desires, and make a lot of compromises, our” good girl” role falls off and we transform ourselves into a bitch.



Gemini – The Card „The Ecstasy”. It is a symbol of spiritual perfection and purity. Although you can be a seeker of the true meanings in life, bear in mind that each moment counts. Each time, no matter how ordinary we may think it is, is full of bliss once we are grateful for being alive.


Cancer – The Card „The Tree of Life” is the symbol of all life possibilities. When we unite faith with self-discipline, taking small steps each day, the results of our hard work will appear sooner that we have expected. This is your lesson from this Full Moon in Capricorn!





Leo – The Card ” The Mother” symbolizes the new: a new project, idea, child, relationship or simply ”a new you”. Give yourself permission to let go of old beliefs and make room in your life for spontaneity and imagination.

fecioaraVirgo – The Card ” The Union”. Although it seems that we cannot put together the Sun and the Moon, we can, by personal choice, unite our good traits and bad traits and accept ourselves as we are. If you have already spent so much time perfecting your low opinion of you, you can start searching for your talents too?


balantaLibra – The Card ” The Stormy One”. This could look a brand-new energy for yourself, but this is the energy of this Full Moon: emotional intensity. An emotional peak is here to destroy the old and useless in order to make room for the new and healthy.


scorpionScorpio – The Tarot Card „The Magician”. A card that usually defines your personality as you are so attracted to the invisible side of life. Paradoxically, you are so much at peak of this Full Moon. That can only mean that you have already done some inner cleansing. Enjoy also the ride!


sagetatorSagittarius – The Tarot Card „ The Chrism Tree „. Chrism or myrrh symbolizes the purification and cleansing of past. No matter how difficult the transition looks like, a new chapter is necessary for your evolution. Do not fear change, your soul already knows the further steps!


capricornCapricorn – The Tarot Card „The Welcoming” . As the name suggests, the card invites you to rediscover your femininity, your receptivity and becoming open to life. This Full Moon of June 28th will be quite intense for you, as a Capricorn, but have faith. This lesson is about more „being” and „giving” rather than „doing”.


varsatorAquarius – The Tarot Card „The Enjoyment”. It indicates more creative energy and dynamism for you this month. The flame of passion burns from the depth of your own soul. Do not look away for advice but trust yourself.



Pisces – The Tarot Card „The Love”. After a long time, it’s time to fall in love (again) with yourself. You are familiar with the ecstasy and the butterflies each time you look to your loved one. A similar feeling needs to be born regarding yourself: listen your body, to your mind and trust your heart.


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Captură de ecran din 2018.06.27 la 11.12.02






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