What is the zero-point level of your desire to change?

The best time to change is now!

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cerc choose Inside yourself @Vatican Museum

We keep listening to the opinions of others, we keep reading a lot of motivational books and going to a bunch of personal development seminars. We listen to Spiritual Guides, we repeat daily afformations in front of the mirror (I really don’t do that :))) or pretend that we’ve discovered some kind of spiritual heresy (I tend to do that :))).
We want so badly the positive into our life, the good stuff, the money and the hapiness and the right relationships, of course. We are willing to sacrifice so much of our life in regrets of not doing it right or projections about the oncoming glowing future. And we got really confused about the present moment.
Where is it? Is this NOW? Is it happening? Has the NOW just passed? Am I am missing something? Am I missing from my life?
I am thinking about…

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